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What is a Shifu?
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What is a Shifu?   A Teacher and Father.

Your Shifu will show you the way.Shifu is "Master Father."

In China, your father is expected to be respected--no matter what.

In China, your father is to be obeyed and pleased.

But sometimes, a father isn't enough to tame a wild child. Sometimes a child is too disobedient, or the father just doesn't have the time or ability to train-teach-counsel-advise and correct their children's behavior.

So, they employ a Shifu, a MASTER father. A Shifu is expected to teach the children EVERYTHING that their father was unable to. The Shifu's authority and power now EXCEEDS the birth father. The Shifu will train, hit, teach, scold, award, and punish the youth.

It works. Chinese people have been doing this for hundreds of years. There are many movies about this. Jackie Chan has made several variations of this theme in his movies.

A school teacher is called, "Laoshr," in China.

A Kung Fu master is called, "Shifu," in China.

A Kung Fu student is called, "Disciple."

Your Shifu is an upright role model.Sifu or Shifu?   Cantonese to Mandarin.

I started Kung Fu in 1980. At that time I was hardly aware of the language conflicts in China.

When Mao Tse Tung took over China, he was able to unify their language from 40 dialects to one, Mandarin Chinese.

The khulis "coolies" that came over to work on the railroad from Shanghai, China, were from the province of Canton. Hence, they spoke the Cantonese dialect of China. Most of our Chinese words came from the Cantonese: Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Tao, Sifu...

Now, everyone in China is learning the Mandarin dialect: Gongfu, Taiji, Dao, Shifu...

Americans don't care which dialect is right or better. It will take longer to change Kung Fu go Gongfu in America than it will in China.

Unfortunately, something else that Americans don't care about: the integrity and righteousness of their Shifu. Americans live in glass houses of shame, guilt, and selfish laziness. So Americans have evolved into a race where morality is unsought and undisclosed for fear of revealing their own weaknesses and...

A Shifu teaches his students to live with integrity and martial ethics like a policeman. A Shaolin Disciple represents the highest evolution of physical abilities with incredible Shaolin Kung Fu. A Shaolin Disciple represents the highest evolution of mental abilities with knowledge, ethics, and Zen Buddhism perspectives. A Shaolin Disciple represents the highest evolution of spiritual abilities with a clear understanding of Buddhist psychology.

So, Cantonese or Mandarin or English or..., Shaolin Kung Fu is still Shaolin Kung Fu.

Your Shifu will push you forward.What does a Shifu do?   Your Life Coach.

I became a master of many skills, disciplines, and religions, by being an excellent student and being an excellent teacher.

As a youth, I learned to be an excellent student and was loved by all my teachers.

Somehow, I learned to be an excellent teacher, by the third grade of elementary school.

That jump, was like a jump up the spiritual ladder of Shaolin Zen Buddhism. I went from elementary school to high school to college in about two years. I was on television...

So my story is mostly unusual, because I live an accellerated life. I live and experience in one year, what most people might experience in five to twenty years.

This enabled me to experience and learn much more than most people.

Now, at age 55, I have seen the many wheels of behavior we all spin around ourselves. I've seen the wheels of fate that result from these wheels of human nature. I can predict the future.

It's just statistics, but they're getting easier and easier to predict. That's why I'm a great life coach. I know where certain behaviors will take you and how you will become...I've seen health issues, that I have closely studied, in my students, for over 25 years. I am a wealth of knowledge.

Best of all, I'm almost always right. I have a 98% accuracy. I know that's really, really high, but it's true. 98% of my predictions have come true when my instructions were followed.

It is wonderful helping people improve. I have helped so many people make major life changes, that I know it would be wrong for me to stop teaching. There are very few Shifu who actually help their students, their community, and their world, as much as I do. My goal is to train more Shifu, to make the world a better place...for all of us.

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